How to Change a middle page in MS Word from portrait to Landscape

Many of us use MS Office in our daily official and personal work. But while we need to make a report like document, we may need to change a portrait page into landscape in middle of the report.
You know about the page break, I show ho to use it in this simple blog.

1. Open your document, and keep the cursor at last of previous page from where you need to change into orientation.


2. And then, go to page layout, and then Breaks and click at Next page as shown in fig.
3. Now, go to the page orientation, change it into landscape, which makes change the orientation for the pages next to remaining.

4. If you need only one page for landscape, then go to the last of this page and again repeat the process form 1-3. Which keeps the landscape for one page in middle.

 So, used it for better show up for your document.  Cheers !!!
If you have any problems, Comments on it. 

This article/tutorial is written by Er. Parashuram Chaulagain, ICTV DDC Udayapur. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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