Fix Nepali Unicode characters rendering in Adobe Photoshop

We often use Nepali Unicode in Adobe Photoshop but it doesn't show as we expected, so we are forced to use non-universal fonts such as "Preeti". But not anymore, I present here the solution for that.

*This fix applies to Adobe Photoshop version CS3 and above.

By default Photoshop cannot render Unicode characters properly as shown below.

The half characters (ब्‍,प्‍) as well as ईकार characters are not displayed properly in Photoshop text tool.
In order to fix that we have to change text render engine from “East Asian” to “Middle Eastern and South Asian”.
Steps are as follows:

1.       Go to Edit > Preferences > Type

2.       Select “Middle eastern and South Asian” in text engine options and click Ok for it to apply.
By default, new text engine options only apply in newly created documents afterwards.

3.       Create a new document that you want to work on with Nepali Unicode characters.

Note: This applies for Nepali Unicode characters; and you might need to select different text render engine for other Unicode characters based on region.

Tip: Similar text engine configuration works for other Adobe Products too. If you can’t find solution just comment and I’ll respond with solution.

This article/tutorial is written by Arun Poudel, ICTV Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City. For feedback and queries, please comment on the article below.
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