Digitizing VDC level Resource Map: Part 2

Let us now continue the Part 1 of the tutorial. In the previous tutorial we have covered how to export esri shp file to KMZ format and display outlines boarder in Google earth. Let us now continue.

 Locating points in Google earth, plotting them and saving to KML

Let us first start with the boundary that we have created by exporting esri shape file in previous tutorial. The boundary helps us to locate the points. We can also export the road layers from ArcGIS to make plotting easier or to update the road network map with the help of Google earth. 
Before starting the plotting of the points such as CAC, WCF, Village linics, School and other public places let us first create a new folder within which we can keep all new points that refers to particulat resource map such that it ill be easier for us to export the points. 
Go to Add on Menu and click "Folder"

Click "Add Placemark " as shown in the picture below

 Move the Placemark to the point which you want to locate, give name to the Placemark and then only click OK. (Generally people click OK beforehand and the Placemark is not movable, if such thing happens right click the Placemark name on the right sidebar and go to properties, it will be editable again  )

Plot all the oints that you want to display in the resource map as shown in the picture below.

 Now let us move to exporting the points.
Make sure that all the points you have created are within the newly made folder we have created on the start of this tutorial.
Right click the folder as shown in the figure and click Save Place As..

 Be sure to choose the output file format as *.kml (not *.kmz as DNRgps doesn't read kmz file format)

 We will continue this tutorial in new part where we'll learn how to convert kml fine to ESRI shp file.

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