Digitizing VDC level Resource Map: Part 1

This is an approach to digitize the resource maps that the social mobilizers have to prepare. I have divide this tutorial in 4 parts
  1.  Exporting ESRI shp file to Google earth KMZ file
  2.  Locating points in Google earth, plotting them and saving to KML
  3.  Converting KML to ESRI shp file 
  4.  Importing newly created shape file and convert to required projection system, overlaying data with other layers and prepare final map

        Exporting ESRI shp file to Google earth KMZ file
1      As we are doing this for a VDC let us first separate a VDC from the district map.
·         Select the VDC that you want to separate

·         Right click the layer as shown in the picture below
      selection -> create layer from selected feature

You will get a new layer with just the VDC boundary that is required for us

     After the VDC boundary is separated let us now project to the WGS coordinate system
·         Go to ArcToolBox -> Projection and Transformation -> Feature -> Project

·         Select the parameters as shown in the picture below

      Click on the Output coordinate system tab to get the following window and select the  WGS 1984 coordinate system as output coordinate system 

·         Click OK and your final Project window should have parameters as shown in picture below.
   Now you will get a projected file which we need to convert to KMZ/ KML for Google earth to display
Converting the newly created layer file to KMZ file (KMZ is zipped KML file format)
·         Go to ArcToolBox -> Conversion Tool -> ToKML -> Layer to KML
      Set the parameters as shown in the picture and click ok to get the KMZ file 

4. Open the newly created KMZ file from the location you previously saved (Requires Google earth)
    The boundary will look as shown in the figure above hence to remove the fill following steps needs to be executed.
·         Right click the recently loaded KMZ file and go to properties 
·         Set the properties as shown below
  Now you will have a clear outlined boundary. 
   In next tutorial we shall discuss how to plot the point on Google earth, export it to ArcGIS and make VDC level resource map.   

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