Digitizing VDC level Resource Map: Part 3

Let us now continue the Part 2 of the tutorial. In the previous tutorial we covered how to locate points on Google earth and save it as KML file. Now we will continue with converting KML file to ESRI shp file so that it can be imported in ARCGis. In this part we will use DNR Garwin to convert kml file to ESRI shp file. ArcGIS itself has a conversion tool but we won't deal with that tool in this tutorial. 

  1. Open DNRgps software and go to menu as shown below
File -> Load from -> FIle...
2. Selected the file saved from Google earth. (DNRgps can only load KML file formats )
After the file is loaded the points will be displayed as shown in the figure below.
3. Again go to menu
File -> Save To -> ArcMap -> File

While saving the file do consider that the Save as Type is ESRI Shapefile 
After the file is saved the destination folder will have multiple files that looks as shown in the picture below
This is the end of the part 3 of the tutorial. In next (final) part we will import newly created shp file to  ArcGIS and overlay it with existing data to create final resource map. 

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