Convert memory disk format from MBR To GPT during the installation of windows server 2012

This article is written on assuming that  you know to start the installation process of windows server 2012 in UEFI mode. But while  installing winserver 2012 from bootable pendrive or any , sometimes there comes a problem of wrong type of memory format. It cause some worries because when memory format is not OK, we may try to  delete the memory of C drive and it will cause computer without system but still memory format is not OK. There comes a message “  Windows can not be installed to this disk.The selected disk has MBR partition table. On EFI system , windows can only be installed to GPT disk   ”.  This messege clearly means we need to convert  MBR memory to GPT format during the installation process. Below are the steps to do this.
1.The figure below shows a message about memory format of disk.

2.Now  click SHIFT+F10 so that command prompt will appear as shown in figure below.

3.Now type Diskpart and push enter

4.Type List Disk and push enter than a list of disk appear.

5.Now determine in which disk your system needs to install and memory to be converted. In my case it is Disk 0. So type  select disk 0   and enter

6.Now the selected disk is selected. Now type Clean and push enter

7.Type convert GPT and push enter

8.Now that disk is deleted already or show an unallocated disk, then  create new disk on selecting that unallocated space .

9.Now relax you already convert the memory format. You just need to click next in order to install a new system.

This article/tutorial is written byPRABEEN KATTEL , ICTV GORKHA MUNICIPALITY,GORKHA. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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