Learn how to use and implement DPMAS in your district. Starting District Planning Monitoring and Analysis DPMAS in your district

Step: 1

Login with your username and password(if you don't have username and password then get it from ICT expert of respective RCU).

Step: 2

At your homepage, there is "administrator" within which there lies "user management", 
Step 3: User for different line agencies can be created through this page. We can provide login to all the line agencies  with their information.


Step: 4
Then go to the District Periodic Plan and provide the DPP framework list as per the framework of district either it is 5 years or 3 years planning.

We can provide fiscal years through the button fiscal year.

Step: 6
After getting the account, the user of respective line agencies can enter their data in DPMAS. The district level user needs to provide the roles to respective line agency user so that they can get proper indicators (as per their office).

This article/tutorial is written by Promisha Mishra, ICTV DDC Mahottari.
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