How to unhide the file/folder from Removable disk that has been made hidden by Shortcut Virus

 Most of us have been facing or being reported the issue by local body's staff that their pen drive material has been hidden. And the file/folder appears just as a shortcut icon. Simply by enabling show hidden folder option we cannot unhide the file/folder. Without any antivirus program and simply few line commands on command prompt we can unhide the file/folder.


1 The issue: Frequently we see our file/folder being hidden and shortcut icon just is visible

- 2. Enter command mode

·         Enter in the Removable disk drive

·         Here in my case it is G Drive

3  Now enter following

Attrib  –h  –s  -r /s /d


4 Now open your removable disc

  We will see our hidden file/folder restored back. However we have to manually delete the shortcut icon

icle is wriiten By Mahesh Acharya ICTV Jaleshwar Municipality

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Ministry of Fedral Affairs & Local Development
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