Using a secondary router as an access point only

If many of you are thinking of extending the range of wireless network in your office area and you do have two routers than you can be using the second one as an access point only.But the thing you need to note is that secondary router should be able to work in a repeater mode.In my case I am using a D-Link ADSL router as a primary router and TP-Link router as a secondary router to broadcast different wireless network. 
Now we will go forward to the steps of creating a second Access Point. For this first you will have to note the IP address used by both router and to do this Reset the router first(only if you do not know the IP address of those routers) then you can find the default IP address of that router on its specification or on the label attached to that router. After knowing the IP address of both router and in case if both router have same IP address then you will have to change the IP address of second router to fall in the range of First routers address. In my case both router have same IP address so I will change the IP address of second router to
To do this first plug in the Ethernet cable in one port of router and then plug another end to PC. Then open any browser in your PC and type on the address bar. Then a dialog box will appear asking you to input username and password. To find these things again documentation of that specific router will work.After entering the username and password you will be redirected to the web interface page of that router.
Now click on the Interface Setup tab as shown in figure 1 below.
figure 1

Then after click on the LAN tab. Now you will see something similar to what is shown in the figure 2 below.Now on the box indicating IP address type and click save.You will again be asked to enter the usernama and password.Also to use the second router as access point only you will need to disable  DHCP of this router which can be done in same page.

figure 2

Now click on the Internet tab under Interface setup which will redirect you to the similar page shown in figure 3 .Then change the ISP to Dynamic IP address and click on save.

figure 3

This ends the setting to be made through web interface of router. Now all you have to do is plug in the Ethernet cable coming from the primary router to any one port available and enjoy wireless internet in extended range of your office.
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