How to change FACEBOOK PAGE NAME when there is more than 200 likes

Facebook pages are one of the great way to disseminate the  Local body's informations and activities to public. But sometimes our pages don't get good response just because of bad or unlike name or also maybe misspelled name. Generally while creating Facebook pages for our Local Bodies, we keep facebook page name either in Nepali or in English only or misspell the name, which later we want to change the name. But, Facebook provides limits on changing page name just after 200 likes. Means we are only able to change page name just before completing 200 likes on page and then after the option will be disappears and page name got fixed. So, literally we won't be able to change the name of our Local Bodies' facebook page.

But does that mean can't we change the page name after 200 likes? Yes, we can, but we need to know the trick. Here is the video I have screened that shows step by step method for changing the facebook page name after 200 likes also.

The video is avilable here:

The facebook page of our Local Body earlier:

The facebook page of our Local Body now:

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