How to add a content type "Section" in the content "Officials" of the new Drupal based website

  1. Login with your user credentials.
  2. Goto Structure ---> Content Types and click on "Officials".
  3. Goto "Manage Fields". 
  4. Add new field with the designations as shown in the figure and click Save.
  5. Now, you need to add the vocabulary for the content type you added. So, under "Structure", right click on "Taxonomy". 

  6. Add a Vocabulary. Click "save and Translate" and translate the vocabulary.
  7. Go to Previous tab (where you left at step 4) and reload the page. You will see a new Vocabulary you just created. Select it and Save the field settings.
  8. Click on "Save Settings".
  9. Now, Drag the newly added content type "Section" below the "Designation" by clicking and dragging in the move icon. Save it.
  10. Now, you need to add the terms for the "Sections". Lets add a section "Administration".
  11. Goto Structure --> Taxonomy --> Section --> Add term. Add a term named" Adminstration Section". Get it translated.
  12. Goto Structure --> Content Type --> Officials --> Manage display. Make sure the newly added content type is there.
  13. Now, try adding details of a staff.
  14. As shown in the snapshot below, a new content type "Section" is added with the required vocabulary and the terms. 

This article/tutorial is written by Santosh Chapagain, ICTV Butwal Sub-Metropolitan Office. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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