Free, Opensource, cross platform and offline tool for creating Non linear presentation: How to

Here we are going to learn to create non linear presentation.

Inkscape - It's a free, opensource, cross platform SVG editor
JessyInk  - A Javascript extension to Inkscape, that converts inkscape SVG to presentation

Download the installation file for Inkscape compatible with your operating system from the link given above.
Install it.

Download the archive file of JessyInk(.ZIP for windows , .tar.gz for Linux )  from the link above.
Unzip the archive file.
Copy the contents of inkscapeExtensions folder   to the     c:\Program files\Inkscape\share\Extensions ( or wherever Inkscape is installed)  for windows and /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/ in Linux

Now we are ready for creating some awesome presentations

Let's begin

  1. Open Inkscape
  2. Form File->templates  choose the appropriate size of the output document
  3. Either Draw the background in Inkscape itself     
  4. OR, import an image by clicking on File->import

Now for the effects and transitions

  • Simple PPT style transitions between slides
  1. From Layer menu select Add layer 
  2. Click on Layers... sub menu inside the Layer menu to see the layers in the document
  3. On the layers panel , click on the "Eye" icon on the side of the layer name to hide/unhide layers
  4. show only the layer you want to work on 
  5. click Extensions menu, Navigate to Jessyink , choose transitions
  6. choose the desired transition style and the time
  7. click apply
  8. close the dialog box

  • Text and objects animation effects
  1. insert in the texts or objects you like to place into your slide
  2. select the object to apply animation 
  3. navigate to Extensions -> JessyInk->effect
  4. Give the order of built-in and buit-out effects
  5. choose the desired effect
  6. click apply
  7. close the dialog box

  • Zooming in into a specific part
  1. Draw a rectangle on the portion you like to zoom in
  2. navigate to Extensions -> JessyInk->view
  3. give the order of the effect and the time of transition
  4. click apply
  5. close the dialog box
  • Zooming in with rotation 
  1. Follow the steps of "Zooming in into a specific part"
  2. rotate the rectangle drawn before 
  • Finalizing the Presentation
  1. Navigate to Extensions -> JessyInk->install/update...
  2. click apply
  3. close the dialog box
  4. Save the document as Inkscape SVG
To view the presentation, open it with web browser like google chrome or firefox.

Here is an example presentaion that I created.Click Here to download.

This article/tutorial is written by Kedar Mani Bhandari , ICTV DDC Rupandehi. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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