Converting GPT format of hard disk to MBR format

Converting GPT format of hard disk to MBR format

GPT and MBR are format of hard disk.

MBR refers to master bootable record and supports 4 primary partition. Most of the computers only supports BIOS and it is installed with MBR.

GPT refers to GUID partition table which is part of EFI. GPT needs EFI motherboard and most of the computers don't have EFI motherboard.

Many people can't install windows system on GPT disk and GPT disk needs to be converted in MBR format.

Basically there are two methods:

1) Convert GPT to MBR with "diskpart"
  • Enter system installing interface by using Windows disk or USB hard drive boot and then press "Shift" + "F10" to open command prompt.
  • Input Diskpart and then press Enter to operating interface. 
  • Input list disk to check hard disk properties. Pay more attention to capacity of hard disk to select. Usually, disk 0 is hard disk, and disk 1 is the usb drive where windows installs.
  • Input select disk 0 to select disk 0 as that is operating.
  • Input clean to clean up current hard disk’s partition.
  • Input convert mbr to convert GPT into MBR.
  • Input create partition primary size = xxx to create the size of primary partition.
  • Input format fs = ntfs quickly to format disk to NTFS quickly.
  • Input exit to finish operating.
  • Input exit to shut down the command prompt.

After finishing operating, shut down the command prompt and install windows system on computer in normal way.

2)Convert GPT to MBR with "Third Party Software".

Another method is with the help of third party software like AOMEI Partition Assistant.


a) Download, install and launch AOMEI partition Assistant. (see picture below)

b) Select the disk we want to convert, right click and select "Convert to MBR      Disk" 

Click "ok" on pop-up window:

cBack to the main menu, we can see the pending operations and click “Apply” to commit the changes.

Now GPT format of hard disk is converted to MBR format.

This article/tutorial is written by Kishor Devkota, ICTV DDC Sindhuli. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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