Remote Control your PC via Android Phone

This article is about how to remote control your PC by Android phone with Bluetooth connection or WiFi connection. Sometimes we need to remote control our PC for different purposes such as for Powerpoint Presentation, Pictures Slideshow, Music Player and even for basic mouse control. 
Here are the steps.
1. In your Android phone, Open Play Store, type Remote Link on search tab then you find the app named Remote Link(PC Link) and install it.


2. In your PC,download Remote Link zipped setup file, extract and install it. To download setup file click here . After installation you will find the installed application named ASUS Smart Gesture.

3. You can connect your Phone and PC via WiFi as well as Bluetooth. To connect via WiFi, both the Phone and PC must be connected in same WiFi network.Now connect your Phone and PC to WiFi network or establish the Bluetooth connection between them. 

4. Run ASUS Smart Gesture on PC.

5. In Phone, Run Remote Link.
    Choose WiFi or Bluetooth and tap Search Device
    Then you find the PC_Name to which you desire to remote control.Choose PC to connect.

After you connected you will see the following screen.
     Here, the button details are as follows:

  • 7 - Keyboard
  • 8 - Mouse Pointer
  • 9 - Mouse Left Click
  • 10 - Mouse Right Click
  • 11 -  Zoom 
  • 12 -  Normal mouse option
  • 13 -  PowerPoint slideshow
  • 14 -  Media Player
  • 15 - Power option
  • 16 - Options (Disconnect, Rate, Share etc)

You can also find other applications but this application is best and user friendly. Try it you will really like it.

This article/tutorial is written by Er. Bharat Dankoti, ICTV DDC Gorkha. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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