ICT for Local Bodies (KMDB) now available on Google Play

Click here to download ICT for Local Bodies Android app

ICT for Local Bodies (ICT4LB) popularly known as KMDB (Knowledge Management Database) among ICT Volunteers have finally been released to the Android's app store Google Play. Named "ICT4LB" once can search for ICT for Local Bodies in the Google Play and download.

Currently, available as a beta release, this Android app is also developed from the group of ICT engineers working in LGCDP and meant for Knowledge Management and Transfer System.

Your feedback for the improvement is a must for the production release of this app, hence requesting to provide us your experience either on the app page itself or as the comment to this article.

Thank you.
ICT Volunteers & Experts
Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP)
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD)
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About Author (Ekendra Lamsal)

This portal "ICT for Local Bodies" is written by various individuals - ICT Experts and ICT Volunteers working under MoFALD/LGCDP with an aim of integrating ICT at Local Governance. The author is this post is mentioned at the end of the article itself (with their Google+ profile alongside). Learn more about ICT4LB KMDB here.