How to download the video directly uploaded in Facebook without the use of any software in your computer?

Nowadays social networking has been so popular amidst the people for the information sharing and communication.Sharing the photos and videos in Facebook has been increasing day by day. Facebook has the facility of downloading the photos uploaded directly in it .Some videos are really worth looking and we want to save it in our computer. But Facebook has no such privilege to download the videos directly uploaded in Facebook as that of photos. Don't worry friends, now I am going to share you a good way to download the videos directly uploaded in Facebook ,which we feel really important for our archives and information. You do not really need any extra piece of software and tools for it other than your internet browser.Here are the steps for it.

Step 1:
Open the Facebook page in which the video you like to download is uploaded.

Step 2:
Play the video.

Step 3:
While playing the video,right click to the video and you will see their "save video as" option.
(Unless you play the video, you will not be able to see "save video as option")

Step 4:
Click "save video as" and save it with the name of your choice in your computer.

No software, no downloader. Just you need is browser,you are done. Try it and enjoy the video any time offline in your computer.

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This article is written by SAGAR PRASAD PANDEY , ICTV DDC MORANG. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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