Adding new attributes in GIS file.

       Sometimes a new field is needed to be added in the GIS map. Or, if we have to label or symbolize map distinctly according to new attributes we can follow this method.

For example to distinguish VDCs on ODF basis.

1) First of all open the file(in this example we use MAN_VDC.shp file) using Arc Catalog in which we have to add the new field .(Be sure to close the same file being used in ArcMap)

2) Double click the shape file or right click and go to its properties.

3) Click the field name in Fields tab.Then name the field, determine data type and save the file.

4) If required also modify Field Properties.

5) Now, we have added the field name in our shape file. We open the shape file in ArcMap, go to its attribute table, where we can see the newly added field.

6) Then to add data to the new field start Editing mode by clicking Editor and selecting Start Editing.

7) Open the attribute table and add the data in the newly created field.

8) Fill the newly added field with data.

9) After adding the data to new field, close the attribute table, to save the edits click Stop Editing in Editor tab after all required editing is over.

6) Finally we can use symbology to distinguish on basis of newly added attribute.

This article/tutorial is written by SAUJANYA RAJ RAJBHANDARI, ICTV DDC MANANG.
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