आफ्नो इन्टरनेट browser बिज्ञापन मुक्त बनाउनुहोस!

Installing Adblock Plus

Surf the web without annoying ads!

के तपाई INTERNET BROWSING गर्दा नचाहिने बिज्ञापन (Ad)ले परेसान हुनुहुन्छ , 

तलको STEPS FOLLOW गर्नुहोस र विज्ञापनबाट मुक्ति पाउनुहोस |
1. Go to https://adblockplus.org/

2. Select type(i.e browser,Andriod...etc) for what you want to install or click on install tab(i.e install for chrome/firefox/android....)

3. A pop up window as shown in image below will appear:

4. Click on Add and your downloading will start.

5.After few second downloading is completed and gets added to the extension menu of your browser
After installation view at extension menu

6.Enjoy the real browsing with ad blocked and save your time.

Quick Facts:

  • Can block tracking, malware domains, banners, pop-ups and video ads - even on Facebook and YouTube
  • Unobtrusive ads aren't being blocked in order to support websites (configurable)
  • It's free! (GPLv3)
Source: www.adblockplus.org

This article/tutorial is written by Anil Kumar Sah, ICTV Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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