How to view detail of computer specification via MSINFO32.exe

We always want to check the configuration of our computers as per the specification from the vendor and we may find it difficult to find all the system information of our computer . The following steps will help you to find out the specifications of your computer.

1. Open the Run command using the key "windows+R".

2. Type the command "MSINFO32.EXE" in open with space and click ok.

​3. Then the display of summary of your computer system will appear which includes from the name of OS, its version, Os manufacturer to the memory of your computer system. 

​4. We also can elaborately see the details which is divided in three sections as Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment.

5. In the Hardware Resources we can find the details of the hardware used like I/O , memory, etc.

​6. Similarly in the Component Section we can find the details of multimedia, networks, ports, storage,etc.

​7. Similarly in the Software Environment , we can find the details of the system drivers , networking connections, program groups, windows error reporting ,etc.

This article/tutorial is written by Ashok Dware, ICTV Lekhnath Municipality. For feedback, please comment on the article below.

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