Installing Location Map Module in Drupal for showing the Google Map of Any Place in Website.

Installing Location Map Module in Drupal for showing the Google Map of Any Place in Website.(For those new Websites built by Syntegrate Media fof Local Bodies)

The location is most for people to find the actual place of any offices. For this purpose we can insert the Google Map of any places that we want. 

I am here trying to elaborate on how to install modules in Drupal for this purpose.
For this i have downloaded the Location map module for the drupal Site (
We have to download the tar.gz folder as shown in figure below.
(Choose Recommended Releases )
Save the folder in any location in your computer
Now login into website ( For demonstration i have used
As soon as you logged in follow the following steps as described in figure below:
Step 1: 
click on Install New Module
Step 2: As you completed above step now the following screen will appear.

Step 3: Now you have two options here. First you can provide the url from where u want to install your modules.And the next one is to browse for the modules that you have already downloaded. Since i have already downloaded the module from above mentioned site so i will prefer second option.And Click Install Button just below it.
Step 4: It will take certain time to install your Module and soon following display will flashes in your computer.
Step 5:Click the Button just to turn on the location module. 

This completes the installation of Location Map Module.
Now once this is completed you can check whether it is Functioning or not by simply checking yourwebsitename/locationmap.(eg: and following screen will appears.

As soon as you visit page ( you can manage to display any thing as you liked simply by supplying the latitude and longitude.

You can use the link inorder to show the map wherever you want.
That's It.

This article/tutorial is written by Basanta Chalise, ICTV Siddharthanagar Municipality. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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