How to embed the google forms in your website or blog?

Sometimes, you like to do some online surveys in your work place. In this case you have google form as your good option.How good it would be if you can do it in your own websites or blog. You do not need to do it by creating separate forms but you should just know how to embed the google forms you created in your website or blog.Lets see how to do it in this article.
(This tutorial assumes that you know how to create the google forms.)

Firstly, enter the google form page.
You can reach to google forms entering one of these URLs:
Then sign in to it using your gmail account. You will see this screen as shown below.

Create the google form of your choice as shown in picture

After You have created the form, now it’s the time to embed your google form in your website or blog.

For this: Go to File > Embed from the google forms menu bar.

Now you will see the pop-up with few piece of HTML codes to be pasted in your website/blog page as show below:

Copy the HTML code highlighted above to embed.
Then open your website or blog dashboard.
After opening it, go directly to the html editing section of the blog post editor or your website post editor and paste the code.

Below is the snap shot of my blog post editor where I have pasted the above HTML code. Similarly, you can do in your website or blog post editor.  

 Then publish your post.
Now,relax!!! you can perform desired survey using this form directly from your website or blogs. You don’t need to do it giving the link of google form.

Use google forms, save your time.


This article/tutorial is written by Sagar Prasad Pandey, ICTV, DDC Morang. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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