How to connect an Ethernet Modular Jack

Ethernet modular jack is shown in the figure below:
Figure 1: Modular jack top view

Figure 2: Modular jack bottom view

Basically the ethernet cale wiring standards are EIA/TIA-568-A(Crossover) and EIA/TIA-568-B(Standard) as shown in the figure below:

Figure 3: EIA/TIA standard for ethernet cable connection

Following are the steps for the connection of the modular jack:

Step 1:
First choose the connection type you want to make (either T-568A or T-568B) as shown in the Figure 3 above.

Step 2: 
Now look for the color code resembling your choice of connection in the Modular jack. For example, the modular jack which I had with me goes something like this:
Figure 4: Modular Jack with labelled numbers for ease
Now match the color code with the numbers labelled in this picture to the numbers shown in connection standard in Figure 3. For Example: If I choose T-568B then I have to connect Half Orange wire to slot labelled as 1 in above Figure 4 and so on.

Step 3:
Now the next step is to wire the respective slots as the steps for wiring mentioned above. For wiring the wires in the slot we simply need to clip the wires in the gaps of the slot as shown below: 

Figure 5: Clipping procedure for CAT 6 cable to modular jack

After you wire everything up to the modular jack it looks something like this:

Figure 6: CAT 6 cable wired to modular jack

Step 4:
Now we need to punch down these wires so that it is connected properly. For that we need a punch-down tool which is shown in the figure below:
Figure 7: Modular Jack Punch-down tool
We punch-down the wires as shown in the Figure 8 below: 
Figure 8: CAT 6 Punch-down process
But before that we should learn what is the right way to hold a punch-down tool. One should hold the punch-down tool with its pointed tip outward while punching the wires. The close view of punch-down tool is shown below:
Figure 9: Punch-down tool close view
Step 5:
After punching down all the wires to the modular jack it looks somewhat like this:
Figure 10: Modular Jack view after punch down process
Now Finally you need to test your connection with a LAN tester to see if your hard work is worth it. The following picture shows the test result of the connection:
Figure 11: Testing of Modular Jack using LAN Tester
Tips: While working in a real scenario you have to be careful while connecting these modular jacks before placing them in a face-plate. Because the problem gets lot worse if you fail to do so. Thank you.

This article/tutorial is written by Samir GR Gahatraj, ICTV,  Office of District Development Committee, Arghakhanchi. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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