How to reserve bandwidth of internet for particular computer?

Since every Local Body does not have enough high bandwidth internet access. On such a situation if some internet user uses IDM, Torrent, it will hamper vital tasks like MIS, WBRS etc. So it will be the good practice to assign the larger bandwidth for computer from where such vital tasks have been accomplished and restrict other user to lower bandwidth.

To configure this feature please follow the following steps.

1. Log in
  • Open a internet browser.
  •  Log in to Router access by entering the IP address of router and user name and password.( Default IP address,user name and password of each router is mentioned on the back of the router)

2. Reserve the IP address .
  • Go to DHCP
  • then go to address reservation
  • then click on add new 

  •  Click on save.
  • Click on click here to reboot.
3. Assign Bandwidth
  • Go to Bandwidth control
    • Enable bandwidth control
    • Go to rules list
    • click on Add New

 Enter the required upload bandwidth and download bandwidth as your requirement.

 Then click on the Save.


This article is written by Tara Prasad Bhattarai, ICTV  Tansen Municipality. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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