Blocking Websites in Computer via Editing HOSTS File

Blocking  Websites in Computer via HOSTS File

Many of us have an idea about blocking the certain websites simply by url filtering in router.This filtering is applied for all the computers connected in the internet.What if we want to block certain computers from accessing the websites. For this one of solution is simply editing the hosts file of the computer( the computer where you want to apply restriction).
For this purpose, at first we want to configure the windows defender at first.Open the windows defender and choose setting tab on it. Now from setting options select Excluded Files and Folder as shown in figure.
Now click add button and a screen flashes. Now you hav to choose for the file that you want to exclude the windows defender from checking it.

Choose hosts file from C Drive->Windows->System32->drivers->etc->hosts.
Now Run Notepad as an Administrator and open the hosts file( The same file which we have added in windows defender)

Now its time to make changes in hosts file and save file.
Now simply add following line to block the sites as you like.
Now editing the file results in blocking youtube and facebook.

This article/tutorial is written by Basanta Chalise, ICTV Siddharthanagar Municipality. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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