Developing Office Network (Intranet) Applications Using Open Source Frameworks

Developing Office Network (Intranet) Applications Using Open Source Frameworks

Open Source Software: As ICT and software development is enhancing day by day and, In parallel the requirements and  complexities are growing  in every new steps, the concept of Open Source Software hence  attempts to provides solutions for such.

Open source software can be very handy to use and develop as per our official need

Intranet/Office Network : Two or more than two computers, router and communicating media Combined together to form a single network Inside our office is termed as Office network or Intranet.
Getting Started:

Though we have lots of options  in open source, Now we are going to use XAMPP package which provides integrated Apache , Mysql,  filezilla, Mercury and tomcat server and  codeigniter as framework within which we can build very handy applications for our office

Finally we will use our application as intranet application, otherwise we can host prebuilt applications and use within our Office Network

Installing XAMPP:
go to the following link to download latest version of XAMPP as per your need
now you can Install XAMPP in your system
installation procedure is simple one clik procedure. If required follow the snapshots here

After Installing Xampp simply downlaoad or create required application files and copy that file to folder htdocs inside xampp

now you need to start apache server from Xampp control pannel

Now any application files inside of the htdocs can be accessed from any pc in your network like below

here information is the folder inside  htdocs accessed from browser

similarly any files can be accessed form other computer as well where you need to provide ip of the server in which xampp/apache is running
see the snaps below

in above picture the ip used is the ip address of the server in which xampp is running and wordpress is, as we all know, the famous CMS.

we can try any frameworks like drupal, joomla, wordpress, codeigniter, laravel  etc and develop and deploy as per our requirements

Note:  While running apache or mysql server port conflict with skype may occur,  in such case you can edit config file for respective server or skype as well >

This article/tutorial is written by BINOD ADHIKARI, ICTV DDC LAMJUNG. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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