How to change Fiscal year in Darta Chalani Software

Darta Chalani software is used to keep records of incoming and outgoing documents from offices. This DartaChalani Software was built under Ministry of General Administration.

Here is the link to download DartaChalani Software.The manual of the software is embedded with the link below.
Darta Chalani Software and Manual. 

Steps for changing Fiscal Year in Darta Chalani Software.

1.   Open Darta Chalani Software.

2.   Go to “File” then go to “Privacy Options

       3. In Privacy Option, go to “Current Database” and then go to Navigation.

    4. Then select “Display Navigation Pane

          5.    Click “Ok” then reopen the Darta Chalani Software.

     6.   Now open “Navigation Pane”  and you can see “Tables” there.

       7.   Now open “Fiscal/year” table, and edit the fiscal year to 71÷72 and save.


         8.    Now again in File menu’s Privacy Option and in “Current Database” deselect             the  “Display Navigation Pane” then close and reopen Darta chalani software.

          9.     The Fiscal year is now changed to 71/72.

     Posted By: Kishor Devkota, ICTV DDC Sindhuli

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