How to fixed the problem “Windows explorer is restarting”

 I face a  problem on desktop with an continuous looping “Windows Explorer is Restarting". This occurs while running in windows 7 normal mode. The intervals are approximately every 5 seconds it was so difficult to run anything to diagnose what the problem was. Finally I fixed this problem.

Windows Explorer  in the Windows operating system, helps us browse our files, folders and other data on our computer. The main reasons behind this error are:
  1. Corrupted system files
  2. Error on disk
  3. System infected by virus
  4. Outdated device drivers,etc.

At first try the simple methods to close windows explorer by holding down the SHIFT and CTRL keys and right-clicking on the empty space on the Start Menu, and the “Exit Explorer “option .

If above mentioned method doesnot fixed the problem .As it is so difficult to run anything to diagnose the problem in normal mode due to  continuous looping “Windows Explorer is Restarting". So open the computer in safe mode with command prompt .

Type: CMD, from the results, right click CMD
Click 'Run as Administrator'. 
Try to fixed the corrupt system files and disk error.

I have done the sfc/scannow, which took about 15 mins. but the problem still persist.
I receive this message: "windows resource protection did find any integrity violations".

Finally I run chkdsk /r /f  to check disk errors.

After 30 minutes computer has automatically restarted fixing the issue.

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