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SHAREit is a free application from Lenovo that easily share files and folders among smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. SHAREit allows you to send content including files, photos, video and documents, at lightning fast speed.Send files in seconds, from 1mb to 100gb, 40 times faster than Bluetooth.Simply connect using your device's Wi-Fi radio. This avoids any network charges. Share any documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.
SHAREit works on all Windows, Android, and Apple devices.
 USB devices — all of them — have a fundamental flaw that allow a malicious hacker to take over your computer!

SHAREit is the safe way to share files among your devices.

How to Share Files using SHAREit

Step 1: Download and install the SHAREit app on your devices from their respective stores. The app is free across all stores and doesn’t come with ads. Once you install the app, launch it and create an account on the device. The account is created offline and is only used to identify your device while connecting to other phones.
Step 2: Once the app is configured on both the devices, you will get the option to either send or receive on the app home screen. Now to initiate the sharing, tap on the Send button. While iOS and Windows users can share photos, videos, music, and contacts between the devices, Android users can additionally share installed free apps with other Android devices. So select all the files that you wish to share and tap the OK button.
Step 3: The app will now start broadcasting on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. So make sure the receiving device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and tap the receive button. Soon you should be able to see the receiving device in the scanner on the screen of the sender device. Now all you need to do is send the files and it will be received instantly.For more

This article/tutorial is written by Durga Pd. Bhatta, ICT Expert LGCDP, RCU Dhangadhi. For feedback, please comment on the article below.
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