How to Configure ADSL router for Internet Access?

1. Open up a web browser and type in the IP address of the ADSL router(default is Press      Enter.


2. Enter the Login name and password. Click on Login
By default User Name= admin and password=admin 
3. Click on the Quick  Start  and then click On to Run Wizard.

4. You will find following Instruction and click on Next

 5. Select the time zone. Kathmandu is not mentioned in time zone so we simply select as shown.

6. Select ISP Connection type as PPPoE/PPPoA and then click on Next
7.  Follow the following:
  • User Name : type adsl and you phone number with district code excluding 0.
  • Type your password
  • VPI - set to ISP recommended settings VPI=8 
  • VCI - set to ISP recommended settings VCI=81
  • Select Connection as shown below.
Finally Click On Next.

8. Finally you are done and your Quick Start Completed.

Last but not the least click on Next to save your current setting.

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